Get up close, from a distance

​Using Aerial Surveys & Inspections Ltd. will enable you to reduce risk to your staff in hazardous areas, save time on accessing difficult to reach areas and will drive down costs by streamlining your workflow with precise results and reducing your reliance on expensive equipment hire or scaffolding.

With 0.5 cm accuracy, higher operational thresholds, 4K, high resolution imagery, in-house editing and the ability to create 3D models, we can deliver exceptional results no matter what the requirements.

Recall-able flight plans means that we can fly the exact same path, taking images from the exact same angles as a previous project to create overlays for progress reports or damage monitoring.

Commercial Applications:

  • Solar installations

  • Communications towers

  • Conservation/damage inspection

  • Environmental (erosion)

  • Roof and chimney stack inspection

  • Railway line

  • Pipeline

  • Site mapping

  • Security

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging drone uses a fully radiometric infrared sensor to detect and measure temperature ranges between -10°C & 400°C, using a fusion of thermal imaging and 4K video or 21MP still images to produce outstanding clarity and precision.