What we do

Why use Aerial Surveys & Inspections?

We all know someone with a drone, who'll probably do the job on the cheap and without all the paperwork.

Where and who can and can't fly is a complex issue but the essential bit is that without the right certificates, flights over any town, city or other commercial/residential area, roads or public spaces, is prohibited.

Local Councils often have bye-laws on where a UAV can and can't be used and there are strict regulations from the ICO around the use of images taken in public.

The minimum legal requirement to operate a drone in the UK is that:

  • Any person or company owning a drone must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority as the Operator and be able to present an Opertator-ID


  • any person flying a drone must be registered with the CAA as a Flyer (regardless of age) and be able to present a Flyer-ID

We are professionals

We have undertaken certified theoretical and practical training and assessments. We have hours of professional flights logged, using a variety of different drones.

Whatever the job, we approach every operation the same way; with passion, commitment and professionalism.

We work with you to find the best solution to your requirements and will always adhere to the strict aviation laws and regulations, safety practices and local bye-laws.

Meaning that you or your business is protected from expensive fines and potential prosecution.