Recent Projects


We are currently working with the Elham Historical Society in Kent, volunteering our time and expertise to create photo realistic 3D models of the historical buildings in the area, which can be used a reference point in time for future generations.

If viewing on a mobile device, you may need to view in landscape.

To navigate:

Move around the map - click and drag

Adjust the camera angle - hold 'ctrl' whilst clicking and dragging or on a mobile device, use two fingers

Adjust the zoom - use the scroll wheel on the mouse or pinch in/out on a mobile device

Building inspection

We worked with a variety of organisations around the Hastings area in East Sussex on the ongoing rejuvenation projects.

Part of that work included providing a detailed inspection report of the Observer Building.

This building has one particular elevation which can only be accessed from a very narrow alleyway.

By taking over 1,000 high resolution still images and stitching them together, we were able to create a super high resolution, never before seen view of the complete side of the building.

This view is impossible to see in person and until we created this report, this side of the building has probably never been seen in this way before.